OFF They Go!!

Unit 39 are on their way to the 25th World Scout Jamboree in South Korea

Have a safe journey and enjoy the Adventure !

Members of Darlington Scouts are amongst them, can you spot them ?

District Camp 2023

Soggy Camp 2023

The District Team have had an absolute blast this weekend meeting Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders from across our District.

Our Young People have shown determination, resilience, tried many new things and more importantly, had FUN!

The theme for the weekends camp was “Night at the Movies”

Over the weekend we have seen a dinosaur playing football, an alien carrying a child, the actual stay puff man, we have played inflatable hungry human hippos, had a go at the climbing wall, carved soap, made water rockets and armpit fudge (surprisingly tasty) had a go at archery and rifle shooting and lots more…..

Oh and Rain !!!! Plenty of Rain !!!

Orienteering Post

1st Darlington Scouts Orienteering Competition

At the beginning of June Darlington held their first Orienteering Competition

It was well attended by the groups around town and consisted of Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.

18th Darlington Scout Group – Middleton St George

Well done to the 18th Darlington Scout Group who came out on top as winners !!!

The Contours Conquered came top in the Explorer Section and the Navigation Ninjas came in bottom for the Losers Mystery Box !!

Thanks to all the Leaders and parents that helped out on the day it was much appreciated.

Well done all and I will be doing this next year

1st Darlington Orienteering Competition 2023

Big Help Out

13th Darlington Scout Group – Cubs / Scouts / Leaders

As part of the King’s Coronation Big Help Out, 13th Darlington Cubs and Scouts helped friends of Cockerbeck by doing a litter pick.

Sausage Hike

The 7th Sea Scouts had their Annual – Sausage Hike (its their thing – you have to be a member of the 7th Sea Scouts to understand!) the other day, the day was fun filed with Hiking and Sausage along with fun and games.

The day was well received with Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and their parents.

Bear In The Park

Bear Grylls – Chief Scout

Darlington Scouts have pleasure in announcing that Chief Scout ‘Bear Grylls’ will be attending Darlington’s own Scout Camp this Summer !!!

The three day camp will be attended by Bear himself – Scouting in Darlington has become popular once again and “the young people of Darlington deserve this” Said Richard Smith – District Commissioner of Darlington Scouts. He and his district team have been working behind the scenes to bring the 3 day camping fun packed weekend.

The final details are being drafted up and its excepted that there will be up to two thousand Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers will attend.

With so many planning on coming the South Park in town will be the place to be this Summer.

Google Maps

More Information is due out soon but in the meantime Darlington Scouts cannot wait !!


at the 27th Cub Pack

We had one of our Muslim parents (and members of Exec) come down to speak with the Cubs about Ramadan, what it is and the importance of it in Islam. We then had a traditional iftar (breaking of the fast) meal of dates, mango juice and biriyani (cooked by the Cubs).