Young Leaders Weekend!

Tia with the help of other leaders from the district ran a successful young leaders camp to work towards their Young Leaders Belts

Young Leaders who attended have completed:

Module B – Taking the lead

Module C – That’s the way to do it!

Module D – Understanding behavior

Module E – Game on!

Module F – Making Scouting accessible and inclusive

Module G – What is a high quality programme?

Module H – Programme planning

Module I – What did they say?

Module J – Communicate it!

All of them made fantastic ideas for activities for the sections, created a “mock trail” – having debates in what to do in situations, made a programme / camp, created ideas for district events/ group events!

Saturday Evening happened and they had pizza and bowling for some fun and also a midnight McDonalds!

Sunday they all woke up – had breakfast and had a discussion about what they are going to do for the missions! At the end, they all helped in cleaning HQ!

Massive thank you to Judith for helping me plan the weekend! Emma for helping us over the weekend, always keeping the coffee topped up! William for the help at bowling and supplying the minibus! Richard for also helping during the night and opening the scout shop! Guess who and Monopoly was played a lot during the night 🙂

Finally, Well done to all the young leaders! All made a great effort and supported each other! Cant wait to see the ideas come to life!