Is this the way to Darlington?

11th Darlington Scouts

Challenge Hike 2022 started for some with a cold 8am ready steady go, and for some that was a challenge in itself, this is the 3rd year (2 Year Covid Break) of the Darlington District Challenge Hike and it was again well supported by groups of the district and leaders.

Groups came to the start not knowing where they were or where the finish line was, but with little instruction and a route card provided they were looking for North or was it South?

Scouts were challenged with not only knowing where they were on the map, but also where the check points were along the route back to Darlington, starting of a Sadberge they were soon on their travels, the check points consisted of First Aid, Fire Lighting & Marshmallows, Wordly Challenges, Games and testing of Map Reading and Tent Pitching skills.

As each group found the check points and completed the challenges they were being marked in a number of ways on a point system, mainly TeamWork, and it was clear by the end of the day that one team shone more than others and ran away with this years Trophy.

#SkillsForLife #ChallegeHike #Adventure

Congratulations to the 11th Darlington Scout Group – you SMASHED IT!

11th Darlington Scout Group – Winners 2022