The other weekend, the 27th Darlington had their ‘Day of Adventure’ with all of their sections out and about (Saturday) doing various activities!

– 14 of our intrepid Squirrels 🐿️ were at Moor House on the toboggan run and cooking on wildfires!

– 10 Beavers 🦫 and 20 Cubs 🐺 had a sleepover at Beamish, with two days of exploring the museum plus a Victorian school lesson this morning.

– 13 Scouts ⚜️ had a game of bowling before a 9 mile chip shop hike around the town, searching for “Darlington’s Best Chip”.

As you can see by the photos, great fun was had by all! A massive thanks to all our leaders (Amy, Becky, Gemm, Bridget, Kimberley, Jenny, Melanie, Liam, Caroline and Sandra), Young Leaders and especially Dawn from the 21st Scout Group who gave up her weekend to help at Beamish when we had a couple of last minute changes leader availability!